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      Dungeon Simulator: Strategy RPG

      Dungeon Simulator: Strategy RPG


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      Brace yourself and enter an amazing labyrinth in this strategy RPG game.
      Choose your best characters to combat daring enemies, upgrade them and create the best team compositions possible! Develop the best strategy, set foot in the dungeon and let’s conquer it together!

      Dungeon Simulator is an online strategy RPG and dungeon crawler game in which deploying your own army units will lead you to dominating the labyrinth! The game combines astounding graphics and combat animation from several different camera angles.
      Position your characters wisely to defeat numerous enemies, taking into account the terrain and your enemies’ locations.
      Try out the various characters and get to know each of their strengths and weaknesses. Every character has their own unique attack method and style. By being aware of their abilities, not only will you be able to choose the best opponent for your enemies, but also clear the dungeon more easily.
      The more you play, the more coins you get, and with this you can unlock stronger characters to deploy against the monsters inside the dungeon. Experience it all in the ultimate RPG dungeon battle! With various AI controlled enemies you won’t want to give up until you taste victory!

      Key Features:
      - Appealing game characters which can be upgraded and teamed up to battle and defeat the most fearless opponents.

      - Astonishing AI controlled enemies challenge you to create your best team compositions and strategies.

      - Mind-boggling level designs and layouts challenge the players to create the best strategies to defeat all the monsters and enemies.

      - Advantageous Stone Statues can be obtained by clearing all the battles in the level. Activate them to increase your unit’s stats.

      - Convenient camera controls allow you to analyze the dungeon from different angles.

      - Intriguing sound effects and music increases the ambience’s tension and guarantees keeping you on the edge of your seat every second.

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